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PopCap Games was founded in 2000 in a Seattle attic apartment by three twenty-something refugees from the dot-com start-up wars who wanted to make fun video games for anyone to pick up and play. Now, PopCap has more resources, and bigger dreams, but the good news is that it’s still all about making irresistible games everyone will enjoy. PopCap has consistently made the most captivating and memorable games — from Bejeweled to Plants vs. Zombies, and many more. What’s the secret to PopCap’s success? It’s always hinged on three basics: hard work, attention to detail, and a fearless passion for making great games.

Fun Facts About PopCap Games

Number of years as of this writing that PopCap Games has been furiously minting fresh-made delights full of charming characters, irresistible gameplay, and at least seven different colors!

Number of different kinds of devices and platforms you can play PopCap games on. It's 25 if you include refrigerator controls and airplane seats!

Number of gems matched, balls spat, words spelled, pegs pegged, objects hidden, plants planted, and zombies zapped worldwide in PopCap games (approximately).

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